Sunday, December 27, 2009

Does Anyone Get Naked Anymore??

I was watching "You've Got Mail" today to pass the time. (I have been going a little crazy with Noah being stuck in the house sick again.) I watched and started to wonder about the way email has changed things and then how texting, twitter, facebook, and myspace have changed it even more. It made me think about how different things were for me being a teenager dating in the 90's. Some changes are great... no huge long distance phone bills if you have a "special someone" who lives in a different area code (thanks to cell phones), or no everyone sharing one phone line no doubt located in the noisy family room until you finally get your own room with your own phone. There is now no worrying about a sibling picking up the other line to evesdrop on your all important conversation. No busy signal if you have a boyfriend whos mom loves to chat with her friends on the phone... now you just call HIS cell.

Then I started to think about what what teenagers these days might be missing. I thought of what I would miss the most and I must say I wouldn't trade all of the above "improvements" for this one missing thing.... LOVE LETTERS!!! Do teenagers write real pen and paper love letters anymore?? I bet most of them don't. That had to be one of my favorite parts of being a teenager "in love". The butterflies you would get when your boyfriend handed you that folded up piece of paper... or checking the mailbox every day when you knew a letter was coming through the mail. But most of all the thing I would miss the most about real love letters was when you have to sit for sometimes hours at a time to think about the things you want to say and then have to write them out with your very hands, I think something magical happens... you bare your soul. You put your feeling out there in a way that you just don't in 160 characters. You open yourself up and feel emotions that sometimes it takes time to bring up... time you don't spend sending a text. Yes, there have been some great things that have come from the advances in technology. Don't get me wrong because I love my facebook, but I think I just might love the old letters I have from family, friends, and boyfriends (including my now husband) just a little bit more.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Dream Like Bella

So, we all know I am a Twihard (I know the word "duh" comes to mind.). Well most of my friends and my female (and a few male) relatives are too, so you should all understand what I am talking about here. Well, in the beginning of New Moon Bella has that dream where she thinks she sees her grandmother, but really it's her and she just hasn't realized she has aged. It's like her dreams haven't caught up to her reality. I am so there! When I dream I always seem to be around the age of 18 or so, and my body is 18 too!! I dream that I still have my 18 year old body. This body...

Yup, but really I'm 31 and I have this body...

My dreams have yet to catch up to my reality. So then I start to think, maybe I dream this way because someone is trying to tell me that this current body I have shouldn't be my reality. I need to be better. Two years ago I had lost 30 pounds, and then since that time have gained it all back... as of today I am all the way back up to where I was. How sad. I need to start over instead of giving up. So I am putting it out there and saying I need to lose weight. I tend to do better if I put it out there in the world because I know people will be waiting to see if I follow through.

Now, I know there is no way to get that exact BC (before children) body back, but I can do much better. Then at least when I do dream like Bella, my dream life and real life will be a little bit of a closer match. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Piss and Drone

Noah always comes up with something "interesting" that he wants to be for Halloween. Past favorites were a die (single dice) and a shadow. Yes, a shadow! What is there to say when you child comes up to you and tells you he wants to be a shadow besides... um okay??? (Panic soon follows as you ask yourself... How the heck do I make my kid a shadow??) But I digress... this year Noah tells me he wants to be a bee. Ahuh, a bee. So what goes through my head... cute little girl bee costumes or sluty "big-girl"costumes. How am I going to make a BOY bee costume?? So then Noah tells his daddy about his plans and his daddy has a cow!! "He is not going to be a bee! Girls are bees!!" So, we try to talk Noah into being just about anything but a bee, and tell him that most of the time only girls dress up as bees. He won't budge. He really wants to be a bee.

The next week I take Noah to the library and he checks out a book on bees. (How did I not see that one coming?) He reads the book from cover to cover and then informs me that he is going to be a drone for Halloween. So I of course ask, "What is a drone?" To which he replies, "It's a MALE bee." How smart is he??? He then explains to me that he wants to be a bee because they are hard workers. How do I argue with that? I decide that if my boy wants to be a bee, then that's is what he will "bee". Screw the world and anyone who would make fun of him for picking a costume that they in their ignorance see as only a girl costume.

Yesterday we set out to find a "boyish" bee costume. Specialized Halloween store... nope, Kmart.... nope, Walmart.... nope, Target... ding, ding, ding. Target has 1 mens Bumble Bee costume that I grab. No ruffles, no glitter, no girly wings. I put one of Noahs arms through, and then the other and go to zip it up... the zipper is missing!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! So, I go to checkout and ask for a discount to off set the cost of having to have the costume repaired and they give me $10.00 off. Oh well, I'll take it. So we head of to Walmart and I buy a zipper that I think looks like it might fit. I get home and pull out my trusty needle nose pliers and "make it fit". It does. I go to zip it up.... IT ZIPS!!! WOOT!!!! So, yes my beautiful boy will get to be a cute DRONE!! Pictures soon to follow! While waiting please enjoy pictures of my "creative" past costumes described above. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nostalgia, get thee hence.

I have been missing my friends a lot. I grew up in Southern California, and as a teenager had a great group of friends. We laughed, cried, played, danced, were dramatic, were crazy, had crushes, had fights... but we really loved eachother. I still love them all. I do not often miss living in California. I miss things about it like a sunset on the beach, a week in Carlsbad, taking a walk on a breezy summer evening with the smell of gardenia in the air... stuff like that. Now though, I love living in Southern Utah and I really do feel like it is my home. I can feel okay about the things in Cali that I listed above that I have to miss to live in the beautiful red rock of Ivins. But of all the things I give up to live here being away from those friends I grew up with is the hardest part. So, to those friends that I am talking about... and you know who you are... I love you, I miss you, I talk about you all the time, and thank you for making my teenage years worth missing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gone by

It has been 3 years today. They say time heals all wounds, but I miss you as much today as I have any day gone by.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Trampy" Cat-Calls!!

It was a nice "cooler" night last night, and by cooler I'm saying it was under 100, and so I decided to sit out on my front porch and read my latest Better Homes And Gardens I had just retreived from my mail box while I watched Noah ride his scooter around the cul-de-sac. A few minutes later my mother-in-law pulled up with my nephew Sam in the car. He was excited Noah was outside, so he ran in to the garage to get Jon's bike and hit the road with Noah. They were having a great time just going up and down the street and making circles and playing with the neighbors cat. Pleasant, but uneventful... until... "Noah!" "Noah, look at us!!" "Noah we think you are so CUUUUUTE!!" The sound was coming from over my next door neighbors wall. So, I casually walk over to take a peak and my neighbors little girl and some of her friends are in their backyard jumping on the trampoline and I guess they decided to get Noah's attention. Noah, who is a little shy, smiles, but otherwise does not know what to do. My nephew Sam is in impressed awe that his little cousin is getting told by a group of girls that he is so cute.

After a few minutes of not getting quite the repsonse they wanted the girls start to say in unison with their jump, "Hi, Noah!!" "Hi, Noah!!" "Hi Noah" each time their heads come above the fence. I must say it was cracking me up that the "cat-calls" were in unison with the bouncing, and that they went on and on and on, and on. They must have REALLY wanted Noah to pay attention to them. Then they started with the "Noah, we think you are SOOOOO CUTE again.

After awhile, it got dark and the girls went inside. Noah rides up on his scooter and tells me he can't wait to let his other 2 friends (who are girls) know that the other girls were telling him he was cute. Cracked me up!! I of course think he is cute too, but being that I am his mother I might be just a bit bias. It was a fun night!! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Beer Bust"

So this is kinda a random story, but I thought it was funny. I have this friend named Whit who I have known since I was a teenager. Yesterday his little sister got married and my family, and my parents were invited. The reception was in their parents backyard, and that is just around the corner from my parents house here in St. George. Anyways, Jon had to work... so Noah and I went with my parents. When we got there Whit came over to say hi and talk to us, he also asked where Jon was. I explained that he had to work, and Whit said that it was too bad because he would have wanted to see him. So, it was a beautiful and fun reception and we were getting ready to leave, we wanted to say bye to Whit, but couldn't find him. I am getting one last glass of water (it was very hot yesterday) and I hear my name. I look up and Jon is standing at the entrance to the backyard and motions for me to come over. He wasn't feeling good and had got off early. He wanted to talk to me about what to do for dinner, say a quick hi to Whit and then leave to go eat...but again, we can't find Whit. So, Jon leaves and then we say a goodbye to the bride and rest of her family and start to leave, when up walks Whit from the front yard. So, I ask "did you see Jon, he was here and he was looking for you so he could say hi." He say, "that was Jon???" and then just starts laughing. He then goes on to explain that he and the groom had gone out to his car to drink a beer when this cop truck pulls up (Jon). He thinks the cops have come to "bust" him for his bad beer drinking ways... so he HIDES in his car from the "cops". So yeah, he was hiding from his friend whom he had wanted to see. Guess that's what happens when you have a guilty conscious. :) Good Times!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow!

So, just incase anyone doesn't know this I live but a few short miles from the most amazing outdoor theater named Taucahn. It is tucked back into our beautiful red cliffs, and I love it there. I see at least one of the musicals every summer and then the Holloween theamed dance show "Thriller" every fall. Last night, thanks to my mother-in-law Anne, I got to see "Annie" with my Noahboy and my nephew Nathan. We all loved it!!! What a talented cast, it was amazing and we had so much fun. It is a 2000 seat theater, so there is always a line of cars at the end of the night when it is time to leave. Instead of trying to keep two tired boys from getting crazy in a line of cars waiting to exit the parking lot, we found other things to do... like take pictures and had a lot of fun!! I can't wait for "Footloose" next month!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


So, the other day I go into Albertson's to pick up a few things. Being the green-gal that I am I take in my green re-bags. I get my few items and go to check out. I load my stash on the belt, look up and the checker is cute... not just "oh a cute boy" cute.... but super stinkin' hot boy cute!!! It's my turn and as I walk up he gives me this huge (beautiful) smile. He holds up one of my green bags and say, "I wish more people here used these." He then goes on to tell me that he just relocated to the St. George area from Park City and that everyone up there uses green bags and he was diappointed by how many people here in St. George still use plastic. I ask him if he is liking St. George, and he says he is, but it is different. I smile. He then asks me, "do you want to hear what happened to me today?" I say, "sure." He goes on to tell me that a few hours earlier a woman who is a little "white trash" came through his line and farts REALLY loud while he is checking out here stuff. He tells me he didn't know what to do so he just kept working. Well the woman just starts laughing her head off, and then tells him he should play poker with his straight face. He just smiles and finishes the job. She pays him and then as she is walking away, she burps and blows it in his face!!! And then says, "there's a kiss for ya honey!" and walks away.

Can you believe that??? Why??? What makes people do the things they do??? So, I tell the guy that not all of us in St. George are like that, and that I hope he enjoys it here. I just couldn't believe that a grown woman would do that!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Alright, I give.

So, everyone I know seems to have one of these... so I give... I will have one too. I don't know how interesting it will be, or how often I will write on here, but I will give it a go at least. My life is not that different from anyone else, but my kid does say some pretty funny things now and again. I also have random thoughts that go through my head that people sometimes find interesting... so maybe from time to time I will post something that will not put you to sleep.