Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vampires, Girlfriends, and Babies... OH MY!!

This blog is a very long time coming!! Back in March I had an idea to throw a Twilight themed baby shower for my two friends Valerie and Alissa. Now, let me go back and explain that we (my friends and myself) love Twilight... so while, yes Vampires being involved in a baby shower might seem strange to some... to us it is perfect. Anyways, I remembered that New Moon was coming out soon, and being that we wanted the shower to be a surprise I thought that having a New Moon viewing party would be a good cover. (The picture of the invitation above is the one the two preggers girls got, everyone else had one that explained the whole thing.) I talked to my friends Shelley and Lindsay and they thought it would be a good idea and helped me plan the whole thing... thanks ladies, you're the BEST!! We went way over the top trying to make it as "campy" as possible (if you are having a themed party... why not go ALL the way, right?) and I think it turned out amazing. I picked up lots of Twilight themed decorations, and Shelley did too. I bought Edward and Jacob buttons and had a bag of each at the door. Lindsay made sure everyone "declared a team" as they entered and picked a button with either Jacob or Edward to wear for the night. Then we themed the food.

I decided to have a light dinner that we called an "edible art" salad bar, and I had lots of snacks light veggies and dip and chips and my guacamole to eat during the movie... not to mention New Moon Sweetheart candies of course!

Shelley made the most amazing fun drinks that looked like blood with the type on the bottle. They were TOO FUN!! And then she had the most amazing cupcakes made that were not only really yummy, but that had cut Twilight sayings and pictures sticking out of them using Forks as holders.... get it... FORKS.
I had picked up Edward and Jacob dessert plates so you could choose who you wanted to lick your frosting off of. (hehe).
Valerie had a hard time choosing.
They really were amazingly cute cup-cakes!
I even ordered each girl a Twilight themed onesie for their little bundle of joy. Alissa is having a boy, and Valerie just had her girl yesterday.
It was a really fun night... and yes we did really watch New Moon after we ate and opened the gifts. I have to say a special thanks to Lindsay and Shelley for helping me plan and run the party, and to my dear friend Liz who not only let us invade her home for the whole thing, but spent hours helping me set up and clean up. I love all of you!! And of course thank you to all those who came and made the night fun!! Congrats Valerie and Alissa!!!

Yes, you can see I was a little tired in the above picture... but Valerie still gave it a thumbs-up! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ladies Night!!

I had so much fun with some of my girlfriends last night. We went to Olive Garden and ate some yummy food, then talked in the parking lot for a LONG time while we realized we didn't want to go home just yet. Valerie came up with a plan and a few of us went to her house (thanks for pretending to not care that we invaded Brandon) for ice cream and conversation that involved a lot of laughing... until midnight!! When you are a mom this is the next best thing to an old-fashioned sleep-over I guess. I didn't bring my camera, so not pictures to post, but just wanted to say that I had such a good time, and I am thankful to have great gals in my ward.