Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ladies Night!!

I had so much fun with some of my girlfriends last night. We went to Olive Garden and ate some yummy food, then talked in the parking lot for a LONG time while we realized we didn't want to go home just yet. Valerie came up with a plan and a few of us went to her house (thanks for pretending to not care that we invaded Brandon) for ice cream and conversation that involved a lot of laughing... until midnight!! When you are a mom this is the next best thing to an old-fashioned sleep-over I guess. I didn't bring my camera, so not pictures to post, but just wanted to say that I had such a good time, and I am thankful to have great gals in my ward.


Valerie said...

Yes it was so fun and such a breath of fresh air to just be out and having fun! I can't wait until we do it again!

Vegan Lovebird said...

Good girlfriends & good food are hard to beat! :)

Roundy Clan said...

We need to have a sleep over while I am there! Kimmie wants to have a craft night! woo hoo