Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Trampy" Cat-Calls!!

It was a nice "cooler" night last night, and by cooler I'm saying it was under 100, and so I decided to sit out on my front porch and read my latest Better Homes And Gardens I had just retreived from my mail box while I watched Noah ride his scooter around the cul-de-sac. A few minutes later my mother-in-law pulled up with my nephew Sam in the car. He was excited Noah was outside, so he ran in to the garage to get Jon's bike and hit the road with Noah. They were having a great time just going up and down the street and making circles and playing with the neighbors cat. Pleasant, but uneventful... until... "Noah!" "Noah, look at us!!" "Noah we think you are so CUUUUUTE!!" The sound was coming from over my next door neighbors wall. So, I casually walk over to take a peak and my neighbors little girl and some of her friends are in their backyard jumping on the trampoline and I guess they decided to get Noah's attention. Noah, who is a little shy, smiles, but otherwise does not know what to do. My nephew Sam is in impressed awe that his little cousin is getting told by a group of girls that he is so cute.

After a few minutes of not getting quite the repsonse they wanted the girls start to say in unison with their jump, "Hi, Noah!!" "Hi, Noah!!" "Hi Noah" each time their heads come above the fence. I must say it was cracking me up that the "cat-calls" were in unison with the bouncing, and that they went on and on and on, and on. They must have REALLY wanted Noah to pay attention to them. Then they started with the "Noah, we think you are SOOOOO CUTE again.

After awhile, it got dark and the girls went inside. Noah rides up on his scooter and tells me he can't wait to let his other 2 friends (who are girls) know that the other girls were telling him he was cute. Cracked me up!! I of course think he is cute too, but being that I am his mother I might be just a bit bias. It was a fun night!! :)