Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thank Heaven for Little Girls...

Thank heaven for little girls... without them what would little Noah do??? Noah is one lucky boy. When he goes to lunch at school, he sits at a big round table full of girls. When Noah gets invited to a party, it is usually a party full of girls. When Noah wants to go on an outing, he wants to invite girls. When Noah plays at school... you guessed it... girls, girls, girls. Thank heaven for little girls!!! Noah adores them, and I will tell you why.

Being a mother I of course think my son is the cutest, sweetest thing ever. I do realize though, that he is different, and that being his friend must not always be the easiest thing in the world. Noah is lucky however to live here in Southern Utah with some of the sweetest things in the whole wide world....his girl friends. They are amazing! They watch out for him, help him when he needs it, laugh at his silliness, and most important to me as his mother... they include him. I couldn't have asked for better friends for him then he has in Sydney, Jadzia, Caitlyn, and Kaitlyn. You girls make life better for a special little boy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Brace Face

I know this is WAY late, but Noah got braces (over two months ago) and so I thought I should at least write a blog about it. He hates getting them tightened, but has enjoyed that when his mouth is sore mom lets him have Slim-Fast shakes for breakfast. He also like that he can have so many colors in his mouth and cracks the assistants in the office up every time he describes in detail the colors he wants for his rubber bands and the order they should go in. He has done better then I thought he would with them, and I know I owe that in part to Dr. Beckstrom and his amazing team! They have been so awesome with him!! It really is a blessing to me and to Noah. I know he is my own kid, and to say so seems really vain... but I think he is just about the cutest brace face I have ever seen!!