Monday, March 8, 2010

Trailer Trash

Jon, Noah and I enjoy spending time with "the boys". That somehow became the defining name for my nephews Sam and Nathan. They are only 11 months apart and are always together, so that is how they often get described, "the boys". So, on Friday night we went to their place and picked them up and brought them back to our house to have them spend the night. The next day Noah decided he wanted us all to go play mini-golf at the Fiesta Fun... so we did. We had a great time and Jon beat us all (he only beat me by 1 point though). After we all went to Arby's for lunch. Well, it was still early in the afternoon and we wanted to still have some fun with the boys, but by this time just between the golf and lunch we had spent $50... so what could we do next that would keep an 11, a 13, and a 14 year old boy entertained (for no money) that would also keep Jon and I interested.

Let me back up and tell you that Jon and I have the desire to someday in the future buy a smaller camping trailer, but we don't want to finance it and don't have the cash right now... so that little desire is on the back burner for now. (But it can't hurt to look, right?)

We took the boys (Noah, Sam, and Nathan) to the RV place out in Hurricane and looked at RV's, Toy Hauler's, and Trailers for hours. SERIOUSLY... HOURS. None of us got bored, and it was a lot of fun that cost absolutely no money. Now, maybe looking at stuff like that all day long when you can't currently afford to buy it may not be everyone's cup-o-tea... but it suited us just fine, and now Jon and I have a better idea of what we will be looking forward to buying someday. It was a fun, silly, crazy afternoon spent with some of my favorite people and I loved every minute of it. If that makes me a little red around the neck area... so be it. :)