Saturday, October 24, 2009

Piss and Drone

Noah always comes up with something "interesting" that he wants to be for Halloween. Past favorites were a die (single dice) and a shadow. Yes, a shadow! What is there to say when you child comes up to you and tells you he wants to be a shadow besides... um okay??? (Panic soon follows as you ask yourself... How the heck do I make my kid a shadow??) But I digress... this year Noah tells me he wants to be a bee. Ahuh, a bee. So what goes through my head... cute little girl bee costumes or sluty "big-girl"costumes. How am I going to make a BOY bee costume?? So then Noah tells his daddy about his plans and his daddy has a cow!! "He is not going to be a bee! Girls are bees!!" So, we try to talk Noah into being just about anything but a bee, and tell him that most of the time only girls dress up as bees. He won't budge. He really wants to be a bee.

The next week I take Noah to the library and he checks out a book on bees. (How did I not see that one coming?) He reads the book from cover to cover and then informs me that he is going to be a drone for Halloween. So I of course ask, "What is a drone?" To which he replies, "It's a MALE bee." How smart is he??? He then explains to me that he wants to be a bee because they are hard workers. How do I argue with that? I decide that if my boy wants to be a bee, then that's is what he will "bee". Screw the world and anyone who would make fun of him for picking a costume that they in their ignorance see as only a girl costume.

Yesterday we set out to find a "boyish" bee costume. Specialized Halloween store... nope, Kmart.... nope, Walmart.... nope, Target... ding, ding, ding. Target has 1 mens Bumble Bee costume that I grab. No ruffles, no glitter, no girly wings. I put one of Noahs arms through, and then the other and go to zip it up... the zipper is missing!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! So, I go to checkout and ask for a discount to off set the cost of having to have the costume repaired and they give me $10.00 off. Oh well, I'll take it. So we head of to Walmart and I buy a zipper that I think looks like it might fit. I get home and pull out my trusty needle nose pliers and "make it fit". It does. I go to zip it up.... IT ZIPS!!! WOOT!!!! So, yes my beautiful boy will get to be a cute DRONE!! Pictures soon to follow! While waiting please enjoy pictures of my "creative" past costumes described above. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nostalgia, get thee hence.

I have been missing my friends a lot. I grew up in Southern California, and as a teenager had a great group of friends. We laughed, cried, played, danced, were dramatic, were crazy, had crushes, had fights... but we really loved eachother. I still love them all. I do not often miss living in California. I miss things about it like a sunset on the beach, a week in Carlsbad, taking a walk on a breezy summer evening with the smell of gardenia in the air... stuff like that. Now though, I love living in Southern Utah and I really do feel like it is my home. I can feel okay about the things in Cali that I listed above that I have to miss to live in the beautiful red rock of Ivins. But of all the things I give up to live here being away from those friends I grew up with is the hardest part. So, to those friends that I am talking about... and you know who you are... I love you, I miss you, I talk about you all the time, and thank you for making my teenage years worth missing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gone by

It has been 3 years today. They say time heals all wounds, but I miss you as much today as I have any day gone by.