Saturday, October 24, 2009

Piss and Drone

Noah always comes up with something "interesting" that he wants to be for Halloween. Past favorites were a die (single dice) and a shadow. Yes, a shadow! What is there to say when you child comes up to you and tells you he wants to be a shadow besides... um okay??? (Panic soon follows as you ask yourself... How the heck do I make my kid a shadow??) But I digress... this year Noah tells me he wants to be a bee. Ahuh, a bee. So what goes through my head... cute little girl bee costumes or sluty "big-girl"costumes. How am I going to make a BOY bee costume?? So then Noah tells his daddy about his plans and his daddy has a cow!! "He is not going to be a bee! Girls are bees!!" So, we try to talk Noah into being just about anything but a bee, and tell him that most of the time only girls dress up as bees. He won't budge. He really wants to be a bee.

The next week I take Noah to the library and he checks out a book on bees. (How did I not see that one coming?) He reads the book from cover to cover and then informs me that he is going to be a drone for Halloween. So I of course ask, "What is a drone?" To which he replies, "It's a MALE bee." How smart is he??? He then explains to me that he wants to be a bee because they are hard workers. How do I argue with that? I decide that if my boy wants to be a bee, then that's is what he will "bee". Screw the world and anyone who would make fun of him for picking a costume that they in their ignorance see as only a girl costume.

Yesterday we set out to find a "boyish" bee costume. Specialized Halloween store... nope, Kmart.... nope, Walmart.... nope, Target... ding, ding, ding. Target has 1 mens Bumble Bee costume that I grab. No ruffles, no glitter, no girly wings. I put one of Noahs arms through, and then the other and go to zip it up... the zipper is missing!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! So, I go to checkout and ask for a discount to off set the cost of having to have the costume repaired and they give me $10.00 off. Oh well, I'll take it. So we head of to Walmart and I buy a zipper that I think looks like it might fit. I get home and pull out my trusty needle nose pliers and "make it fit". It does. I go to zip it up.... IT ZIPS!!! WOOT!!!! So, yes my beautiful boy will get to be a cute DRONE!! Pictures soon to follow! While waiting please enjoy pictures of my "creative" past costumes described above. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


mcdmonkie said...

Okay - TOO FUNNY!! I am so impressed with his study into bees, and deciding to be a drone. What a smartie! I can't wait to see him!!

ALso - I LOVE the shadow costume! That is very impressive!

Oh - This is Lindsay Dunn by the way. My hubby didn't log out!

Roundy Clan said...

What happened to being a failed math test? I was SOOOOOO looking forward to that! Boooooo haha

Kristy Lou said...

Oh, he changed his mind about that a few months ago. I tried to talk him back into it after he said he wanted to be a bee. :)

Sleepless In St. George said...

Noah is adorable...and I know who the hot checker is at Albertsons...the surfer/snowboarder looking kid!

Pamcakes said...

I thought only the queen was a girl.... Huh... Good thing Noah did his research! Bees to a LOT for us! I have one kid going as Dan Kuso from Bakugan and the other going as an Oreo Cookie (I STILL think it was so she could get that white zip up sweater, but If thats how she wants to play it....) Have fun Trick or Treating!

Melody said...

Kristin, you are the bomb! What a fun story. Noah sounds like a real smarty-pants!