Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nostalgia, get thee hence.

I have been missing my friends a lot. I grew up in Southern California, and as a teenager had a great group of friends. We laughed, cried, played, danced, were dramatic, were crazy, had crushes, had fights... but we really loved eachother. I still love them all. I do not often miss living in California. I miss things about it like a sunset on the beach, a week in Carlsbad, taking a walk on a breezy summer evening with the smell of gardenia in the air... stuff like that. Now though, I love living in Southern Utah and I really do feel like it is my home. I can feel okay about the things in Cali that I listed above that I have to miss to live in the beautiful red rock of Ivins. But of all the things I give up to live here being away from those friends I grew up with is the hardest part. So, to those friends that I am talking about... and you know who you are... I love you, I miss you, I talk about you all the time, and thank you for making my teenage years worth missing.

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