Monday, July 20, 2009

"Beer Bust"

So this is kinda a random story, but I thought it was funny. I have this friend named Whit who I have known since I was a teenager. Yesterday his little sister got married and my family, and my parents were invited. The reception was in their parents backyard, and that is just around the corner from my parents house here in St. George. Anyways, Jon had to work... so Noah and I went with my parents. When we got there Whit came over to say hi and talk to us, he also asked where Jon was. I explained that he had to work, and Whit said that it was too bad because he would have wanted to see him. So, it was a beautiful and fun reception and we were getting ready to leave, we wanted to say bye to Whit, but couldn't find him. I am getting one last glass of water (it was very hot yesterday) and I hear my name. I look up and Jon is standing at the entrance to the backyard and motions for me to come over. He wasn't feeling good and had got off early. He wanted to talk to me about what to do for dinner, say a quick hi to Whit and then leave to go eat...but again, we can't find Whit. So, Jon leaves and then we say a goodbye to the bride and rest of her family and start to leave, when up walks Whit from the front yard. So, I ask "did you see Jon, he was here and he was looking for you so he could say hi." He say, "that was Jon???" and then just starts laughing. He then goes on to explain that he and the groom had gone out to his car to drink a beer when this cop truck pulls up (Jon). He thinks the cops have come to "bust" him for his bad beer drinking ways... so he HIDES in his car from the "cops". So yeah, he was hiding from his friend whom he had wanted to see. Guess that's what happens when you have a guilty conscious. :) Good Times!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow!

So, just incase anyone doesn't know this I live but a few short miles from the most amazing outdoor theater named Taucahn. It is tucked back into our beautiful red cliffs, and I love it there. I see at least one of the musicals every summer and then the Holloween theamed dance show "Thriller" every fall. Last night, thanks to my mother-in-law Anne, I got to see "Annie" with my Noahboy and my nephew Nathan. We all loved it!!! What a talented cast, it was amazing and we had so much fun. It is a 2000 seat theater, so there is always a line of cars at the end of the night when it is time to leave. Instead of trying to keep two tired boys from getting crazy in a line of cars waiting to exit the parking lot, we found other things to do... like take pictures and had a lot of fun!! I can't wait for "Footloose" next month!!