Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow!

So, just incase anyone doesn't know this I live but a few short miles from the most amazing outdoor theater named Taucahn. It is tucked back into our beautiful red cliffs, and I love it there. I see at least one of the musicals every summer and then the Holloween theamed dance show "Thriller" every fall. Last night, thanks to my mother-in-law Anne, I got to see "Annie" with my Noahboy and my nephew Nathan. We all loved it!!! What a talented cast, it was amazing and we had so much fun. It is a 2000 seat theater, so there is always a line of cars at the end of the night when it is time to leave. Instead of trying to keep two tired boys from getting crazy in a line of cars waiting to exit the parking lot, we found other things to do... like take pictures and had a lot of fun!! I can't wait for "Footloose" next month!!


Melody said...

Soooo fun! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Roundy Clan said...

Jealous! I want to see wheres my dvd hooker? It is almost August.....haha