Monday, June 29, 2009


So, the other day I go into Albertson's to pick up a few things. Being the green-gal that I am I take in my green re-bags. I get my few items and go to check out. I load my stash on the belt, look up and the checker is cute... not just "oh a cute boy" cute.... but super stinkin' hot boy cute!!! It's my turn and as I walk up he gives me this huge (beautiful) smile. He holds up one of my green bags and say, "I wish more people here used these." He then goes on to tell me that he just relocated to the St. George area from Park City and that everyone up there uses green bags and he was diappointed by how many people here in St. George still use plastic. I ask him if he is liking St. George, and he says he is, but it is different. I smile. He then asks me, "do you want to hear what happened to me today?" I say, "sure." He goes on to tell me that a few hours earlier a woman who is a little "white trash" came through his line and farts REALLY loud while he is checking out here stuff. He tells me he didn't know what to do so he just kept working. Well the woman just starts laughing her head off, and then tells him he should play poker with his straight face. He just smiles and finishes the job. She pays him and then as she is walking away, she burps and blows it in his face!!! And then says, "there's a kiss for ya honey!" and walks away.

Can you believe that??? Why??? What makes people do the things they do??? So, I tell the guy that not all of us in St. George are like that, and that I hope he enjoys it here. I just couldn't believe that a grown woman would do that!!!


Kitty Talk said...

I CAN! lol I know grown women ( my nasty neighbors
) I can see doing that. Yuck. I want to see this boy now though haha

Glenda said...

Just read some of your blog. I know which checker you are talking about. He helped me get a good deal on soda that I was buying for some of my workers. Very nice kid, and totally darling!

I believe that the woman was probably high or drunk, or just a looney toon. Or, perhaps she grew up in a cave, and never learned proper social skills. Funny that the checker told you about this weird woman...what a story!