Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vampires Suck... Can Suck It

On Tuesday we had a girls night. We went to Durangos and ate salads. Nom, Nom, Nom!! So Yummy!! The weather here this last week has been amazing and so we were able to eat them outside. Nothing better then good food and fun conversation with friends...especially these ladies because I ALWAYS laugh my freakin' head off around them.

So, then it was time to head on over to the theater to go see Vampires Suck. We being the Twihards that we are felt it only appropriate to pay homage to the spoof that came from our obsession, but the word "appropriate" does not apply to this movie in any way. When you see the commercial you think, "Oh, funny and fun" ... well filthy with only moderate haha moments is really what best descibes what we saw on screen. But, hey... at least I wasn't alone for the experience. We went through this "horrific experience" together. It was like a group session after as we discussed the ways this film had done us wrong. Now we must find another movie to go see to make-up for the way we were wronged by Vampires Suck..."bummer"...another girls night. ;)