Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Been Awhile! (Yes I sung this while I posted it)

Dear Blog followers, sorry I have been slackin'. I hate to say it out loud, but my life feels like it's on I kinda hate to think about it too much. The house has still not sold though we drop the price again and again, and I am still living the life of a single mom while the the hubster has to work and live away from his family. It's a sad thing. But life DOES go on.
My sweet Noah started 7th grade. I can't believe it! He will be a teenager in November. Sometimes I still feel the teenage part of myself, so it will be interesting to be the mother of one. (Pictures of my growing boy provided. One of him at the park in his cool sunglasses and one of him trying to ride his little cousin Bradlie's bike with his super long legs.)
Jon and I after a lot of thinking and praying have decided once again to change our minds on where we are going to live once the house ever sells. We have decided we will live in Saratoga Springs. It is a good central location, it is a nice, small city, it is close to some family (Scott and Lauren live there), it's pretty, and they have great loans available there to make our lives much more comfortable. While there are areas where I would love to live even more (like Daybreak) it will just be much more affordable for us in Saratoga.
Anyways, not to much more to write about us. Like I said, I feel like my "real" life is on hold. I'm sure I will have lot more to say when we get ready to move, while we make the transition, and while we live together as a family again.