Thursday, December 30, 2010

He's Classy Like That!

My boy always finds something interesting that he wants to be for Halloween. I have written about this before. This year he wanted to be a masked prince. Sounds easy enough, right? Well Noah of course had very specific ideas on what this masked prince would look like...very specific! I took him to store after store after store looking for the thing he liked to make the costume, to no avail. On one of the trips Jon was in town. He saw a Penguin costume and he knows Noah likes Penguins (a lot) so he suggested it to him. Noah paused...but it was a no go. About a week later I took him to Spirit Halloween over by TJ Maxx and we were determined to find pieces to make his masked prince costume. (My sister and mom were starting to worry and it was freaking them out) I made suggestion after suggestion about this mask, or that cape, or this crown, or this crushed velvet (very expensive) price costume...but no, it was all wrong. Then Noah sees a Penguin costume and says he wants it. In my head I am like...Are you kidding me??? So I ask Noah why when daddy asked he didn't want to be a Penguin, but now he wanted this costume. Noah looks at me like I'm stupid and says, "Because this one has a bow-tie". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This kid cracks me up sometimes!

Here he is in all his Penguin glory! He ended up loving his costume, and had a great time being in his schools costume parade, and playing games in his class.

Some other highlights from Halloween were my sister and her kids were here during Halloween this year, so Noah had someone to go trick-or-treating with. We made it a family affair with both grandma Holliday and Shane, grandpa Shane, Aunt Kimmie, Aunt Katie, Uncle Bill, and cousins Hannah, Tyler and Kayla. They all had so much fun...but especially Hannah and Kayla who both totally "got" trick-or-treating this year.

(By the way my sister Kim is a "Utah Mom" and for my friends that don't live here in Utah...she is a walking stereotype, and it's funny-trust me. And I am sad I didn't get a picture of my niece Hannah who was a cute little 50's girl. I did get her on video says Trick-or-Treat though.)

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

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