Thursday, December 30, 2010

Everything Happens For A Reason

Disclaimer! Most of you already know this, so I guess I am writing it more for a record then anything else. You all totally have my permission to skip this one. :)

Summer 2010. Jon was having what we will call issues with his place of work and decided with my help to start looking for another job. With the economy the way it is, Dixie is not booming with job potential, so Jon and I talked about other places we would be willing to live. Cali, and Utah were really the only two places we decided we would both consider and we really can't afford Cali on the money that we Utah it is. We decided to open up the search we would start looking up North too. Now I was not totally thrilled with this idea because I do LOVE Southern Utah. I love the beauty here, my family and friends here, and Noah's school and friends here. But, a supportive wife has to do what she's gotta do and I had to admit that there were not jobs galore here in the South. So, I started scouting the net for the perfect job for Jon....nothing. More days past....more nothing. Then one day while I was searching I had a hit. There was a job with the West Jordan police department with GREAT hours and benefits. It was only open for one week, but Jon applied.

We waited and waited to hear something, and had just about given up when we got the call. Jon was asked to come up to West Jordan for an interview. We went and decided to make it into a mini vacation, staying with both Scott and Lauren, and Aaron and Diomar. Jon was the last interview of the day (they did about 16 interviews) and he must have made an impression with the panel because he was invited with 4 other guys to come back and interview with the Chief. The only problem was it was an interview for the day after we were supposed to leave. So we asked Aaron and Diomar permission to crash there for an extra day. Jon went to the interview, and we went home. We waited again...a lot. We again started to lose hope that he had got the job (I guess West Jordan likes to really take there time while hiring), but he finally got the call that he was there choice, and now all he had to do was pass a background check. Great! So they sent us the paper work. IT WAS MASSIVE!!! It was over 50 pages of background information they wanted. Jon has done backgrounds for Ivins, LAPD, and the government (TSA) and none of them was anything close to the one for West Jordan. They even did phone interviews with Jon, me, his parents, friends, current employer, and even our neighbors. It was a lot!! After all of this, YES! He got the job.

We were so very blessed! Jon has now been working there for over 3 months and he loves it. He works the same hours as the court, so he works Monday through Friday 9-5:30 with every weekend and holiday off. It is amazing!! So much better then all of those crazy graveyard shifts, and never being able to have Sundays off to go to church. The people in the department are wonderful and have just taken Jon in as one of their department family.

The one down side will be leaving our life here in Southern Utah. Jon has already been gone since mid September, and I miss him so much. I am still here trying to sell the house that we share with Anne and Rich. We pray daily that the right family will be guided to our house. We are tired of being separated. I have been working like crazy these last few weeks on projects to get the house updated and I plan on taking new pictures of it this next week when all the Christmas stuff is put away. Let's hope that helps, because I really don't want to have to do this very much longer. We are very lucky in that Jon has a place to stay up there. He is staying with his brother Aaron and his family. Thank you Aaron and Diomar for your love and support because we really couldn't do this without you. And thank you to Scott and Lauren for also putting us up for visits. We know how blessed we are to have you all as family.

We are excited for this new adventure, and know it is what will be best for our family once we are done with all of this separation stuff. We even know where we want to live once we are together up we just have to make it happen. Thank you to all of our family and friends for your love and support. We look forward to the conclusion of this crazy adventure, and we know how lucky we are that Jon got this amazing job.

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