Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I recently gave a friend of mine a pair of Jon's police boots that he was no longer using (they use different ones at the department he works for now) to give to her son. He son is interested in becoming a police officer and she said he was excited to get them. Then she told me (with tears in her eyes) that she had thought about her son having those boots and that what she wished for him is that someday he would "fill" Jon's boots. Now mind you her son already wears the same size shoe as my husband...she was telling me that she hoped someday her son would turn out to be like my husband. I just wanted to write this down today so I would remember it. I want to thank that friend for telling me something so sweet and heartfelt, and I want to thank my husband for being someone young men can look up to. He is of course not perfect (because none of us are), but he is a good man and he tries very hard to do the right thing (even when it has made things difficult for him). I also wanted to remember that I am so lucky to have a good husband, and a good friend.

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